Happy that im still good with my job. That my daughter is great. That God had been blessing me. This was a good day




The single life is cool, amazing and freedom. Some feel they can’t live without someone but it’s possible. We women are strong and can hold our urges in if you just control your thoughts. Is All in the head. When I catch myself feeling like im in need of a man I either play with myself get the urge out or I think of something that turns me off. It works every time, keeping me away from guys. I feel I have to take care of myself , secure myself from harm. I heard once that
in order to date or be with anyone you should be first comfortable being alone with just yourself and I do feel alot more better. Noone is hurting me, trying to control me, cheating on me, being all jealous on me, checking my phone or telling me what I can or can’t do im free. BUT now it’s been almost 8 years I’ve been single and feel like I’m ready to date but then I remember how hard it is to find or get one these days cause it seems to me that everyone just wants to sleep with me and don’t see im one who needs a relationship not a booty call. So I lay on my bed fantasizing with my great toy till someone sees my worth not my looks. I am 30 and still single. Now being single feels different waiting for prince charming:( mean while have to keep strong.




broke, no money,  starving, just looking

at the ceiling wishing I had money to get something to eat.  Ugh ! This is my broke life.  There’s another thing running threw my head . I wonder how would my life be If I had made different choices…. Well I have to go later.


sleepy time.

Going to sleep ive been up since yesterday till today 10/30 at 7:32am. Was in my thoughts the whole time thinking of my lonely life. Now I’m tired. And oh yes, worry im going to get fired.


My loneliness

Im very depressed, so lonely in my thoughts laying in my bed watching awkward. This is my first time writing in here and don’t think anyone would care, but here I go. Im so lonely just wishing I was happy had someone to hug me and tell me its ok. I wish I could have a friend who won’t judge me and see im in need of love. I put my defense wall up against alot but wonder why hasn’t someone find a way. Idk what im saying. Well I do:(.  Question: what ever happened to love , writing letters, dedication of song that show the love? But
no everyone is cheating , lying, and much worst things. This new generation scares me.